Criminal Complaint
Government officials and agents must be accountable under the law;
• Laws are clear, publicised, stable, and fair, and protect fundamental rights, including the security of persons and property.

For those who are having difficulty understanding the Criminal Complaint
Government officials and agents must be accountable under the law;
• Laws are clear, publicised, stable, and fair, and protect fundamental rights, including the security of persons and property;
What they cannot deny
What cannot be denied is the agents of Tailte Eireann a government department backdated land documents by two and a half years, Irrefutable evidence supplied by Tailte Eireann demonstrates this to be 100% true.
Let’s open this one criminal allegation levied. It means for two and half years the documents relied on for the seizure of properties, businesses, goods, and homes, were fundamentally illegal and created by an act of deception/fraud.
Thousands of families across Ireland served with proceedings based on fraud.
Irish Families were made homeless as a consequence of fraudulent government documentation, presented to the courts of Ireland, perverting the course of Justice.
Consider the human trauma in this, the mental and psychological infliction suffered by Irish mothers, fathers, and their children, those that ended their lives.
For sixty years Tailte Eireann has filled-in the required information on form [56] being the lawful owner of the charge, the purchase price of the property, and the name of the solicitor’s company registering the charge.
Tailte Eireann abandoned its legislative obligations and omitted the mandatory required information on form [56] to facilitate Vulture Funds.
The lawful owner of the loan portfolio remains anonymous in the entire purchase, registration, litigation, and eviction again all facilitated by Tailte Eireann.
Let us open that issue, an unnamed, unknown entity is purchasing property in Ireland anonymously, that’s the definition of money laundering? That unknown entity appointed a servicing agent who is claiming before the courts of Ireland to have suffered a loss, [akin to your next-door neighbour filling out your insurance on your home and claiming it’s his, that’s the definition of fraud, conspiring to defraud another by deceit, committing perjury before the courts of Ireland.
Contrary to The Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010.
Contrary to the Criminal Justice (Corruption Offenses) Act of 2018
Contrary to the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001
Contrary to the Criminal Justice (Perjury and Related) Act of 2021

Now let’s open the issue of a limited Power of Attorney, remember when you first gave your power of attorney to your solicitor to register the bank’s charge? Well, that was a limited power of attorney, now the appointed servicing agent is seeking to do the same as your original bank, BUT a third party is prohibited by law to use a third-party power of attorney, being contrary to the Powers of Attorney Act of 1996 and section [3] of Tailte Eireann’s terms and conditions.
All appointed servicing agent’s financial returns identify at least two pieces of irrefutable evidence.
1. They didn’t have the liquidity to purchase the assets claimed before the courts of Ireland.
2. Their asset portfolio did not reflect the acquisition of the assets claimed before the courts of Ireland.

The list of Criminal offenses committed by Tailte Eireann and Vulture Funds in Ireland is inconceivable. Above are just some of the criminal offenses I have levied against Tailte Eireann and Vulture Funds.

Please make your criminal complaint, it is free, all you have to do is visit This Link and fill out the form. Go to your local Garda station and register your allegation. Expose the truth, save a family, save a home, save a life.


In an unprecedented event in Irish history, an Irish government state agency finds itself under criminal investigation by An Garda Síochána. The allegations have been brought forward by Tom Darcy, author and whistleblower, and his colleague, Liam Deegan, a freelance investigative journalist.

The duo has urged the Gardai to launch an investigation into Tailte Éireann, formerly known as the Property Registration Authority of Ireland (PRAI), accusing it of breaking the law to favour vulture funds. In response, the Gardaí have now initiated a criminal investigation into the government agency responsible for registering property and land in the Republic of Ireland.

Deegan warns, “The consequences of this criminal investigation will reverberate beyond the Irish financial markets, potentially causing serious disruptions in international stock markets and securities trading worldwide.”

Darcy adds, “Criminal law supersedes Civil Law. This investigation should halt all evictions, repossessions, and auctions across Ireland. It should also suspend all legal proceedings in every Irish court where third parties have initiated proceedings based on evidence from Tailte Éireann. More importantly, it is retrospective and may affect every single registration of a charge on a folio registered using a third-party Power of Attorney process.”

Deegan further explains, “Every registration by any entity, other than the original Mortgagee, according to Irish law requires consent from the Borrower to his or her Power of Attorney being used by way of an attested Power of Attorney, that is, the signature of the borrower by consent, witnessed by a practising solicitor and dated.”

Contrary to law, it is alleged by Darcy and Deegan that Tailte Éireann has violated the Power of Attorney Act of 1996 by failing to adhere to Irish Statute Law. As a consequence of such, being a criminal act, Tailte Éireann has aided and abetted when furnishing others with such known false and fabricated documentation leading to the perpetration of larceny and theft of Irish family homes, property, businesses, farms, and goods, including perjury before the courts of Ireland. Such an act is known as perverting the course of justice and is a criminal act in Ireland.

Darcy and Deegan have made additional allegations not outlined in this press release. However, it is understood that one of them involves Tailte Éireann being accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice, a serious offence if proven.


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