Irish Tears

a nation betrayed

Injustice exists and pervades society. It occurs in many shapes and forms, enacted both legally and illegally, and takes a toll on the most vulnerable among us – and sometimes even those we thought beyond such considerations.


Detailed in this tome are stories, told by those whom, at the very least, misfortune has found; anything more than the least being sinister intent. What it is will be up to you to decide. Read carefully, and with an open mind.

30th June 2022

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Waiting for the Sheriff

Ireland: “The Most Corrupt Little Country in the World”

An Axis of Evil had rendered children homeless, cast mothers onto the street and has led to some tormented people taking their own lives. This Book is about the effects of the betrayal of our nation, where white-collar crimes are covered up along with deceit and corruption committed by elected representatives.


Read the truth they DO NOT WHAT REPORTED

“WAITING FOR THE SHERIFF” is the true story of how an unholy alliance between the Irish Government, Banks and Judiciary has reintroduced eviction back into Ireland.

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