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Note to Our American Cousins

I suspect that many Americans lost millions of dollars in the stock markets as a result of being sold questionable financial products by Irish banks. As this book goes to print, another revelation has been exposed in the Irish banking enquiry. Richie Boucher, CEO of Bank of Ireland, has admitted that his balance sheets are totally fictional. It is no wonder that Bank of Ireland delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in 2015 (which had cost €10 million to join), the intention being to distance themselves from the watchful eye of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Furthermore, it appears that in an effort to avoid accountability and prosecution from those it had conned out of their savings, the Irish Government introduced the Companies Act 2014, which removed the charter of the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland.

To our friends and family in the United States of America, whose nostalgic belief in this country of saints and scholars has now been replaced by corrupt bankers and liars, you can end this brutality that befalls your Irish cousins should your judiciary not be politically driven or appointed and your judges not indebted to Irish banks. Richie Boucher admitted that the Bank of Ireland, like all Irish banks, has falsified their balance sheets, and our own bond-holding Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, acknowledged that our banks had no banking licence. Furthermore, our Irish police force ignores criminal allegations against Irish banks. Your General Attorney, with little effort, could bring these corrupt bankers to face federal charges of wire fraud, share fixing and other criminal offenses. It would just take a few American citizens to break the chains of corruption. Our ancestors and your grandparents helped to create America; you can now help create a better Ireland by seeking for justice to be done. Stop the atrocity against innocent Irish women and children. Please initiate legal proceedings against Irish banks who traded illegally in America and stole from you, lied to you and conned the people of the Irish Nation.

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