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I would like to thank the following people for their support in
bringing this book to fruition. I owe deep gratitude to my
friends Brian Reilly and Jerry Beades for their relentless
enthusiasm over the past two years, and to my editor Gemma
Phelan whose support I can always count on. I am forever
grateful to John Smith, my greatest teacher and confidant
whom I never met but was blessed to find. It is a privilege to
thank my wife and our sons as well as my friend Rocco for
their understanding during the terrible years. Thank you to
all those who furnished me with information and aided me in
my struggle against injustice, at times risking their own careers
and livelihoods. Furthermore, I wish to express my
appreciation to all who befriended me over the last few years.
Your compassion touched me, especially those who suffered
the loss of their homes and a loved one as a result of our
corrupt banking system. Finally, I would like to acknowledge
my brothers and my mother who are no longer with us.

Waiting for the Sheriff Waiting for the Sheriff