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Tom Darcy

There's a famous old saying which goes "When the going gets tough, the tough
get going," attributed to Joseph P. Kennedy, father of the late President
John F. Kennedy, which is about as good a way as any to try to describe the
character of my good friend and Legal & Equitable colleague Tom Darcy.

Tom, who has faced many challenges in his life, has also enjoyed success
noteably during his time as a Property Developer and more recently with his
experience as an MEP candidate for Direct Democracy, and, through
circumstances brought about primarily by the reckless actions of banks and
Government regulatory inaction, found himself forced to face up to the
combined legal forces of those very same institutions as a lay-litigant.

This book, which is a brave undertaking in itself, tells the story of his
success in the Supreme Court, exposing what had inspired him to tackle what
he saw as the unjust and unfair treatment of not only himself and his family
but also the tens of thousands of other Irish families caught up in a
taunami of financial pressure and human misery, facing Eviction from their
Family Homes, all arising from a cold-hearted and malicious attempt by
Government, Courts and Banks to cover up their collusive transgressions at
the expense of people who committed no crime when borrowing monies in the
first instance.

'Waiting for the Sheriff' is a compelling read and you'll be left in no
doubt as to the 'toughness' of this particular individual - Joe Kennedy
would have been proud to have his famous saying associated with it's author
Tom Darcy.

Brian Reilly | Co-Founder | Right2Homes

Waiting for the Sheriff Waiting for the Sheriff